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Clinic Policies

General Policies

     ·     All contact information will be kept confidential and may only be used for
           contact purposes, unless expressed consent is given.
     ·     Payment for each appointment is required and expected at the time of your visit.
           Payment for appointments can be made by personal check or cash.
     ·     Returned checks will incur a $25.00 fee, due and payable immediately.
     ·     Family Acupuncture and Herbals of Middleboro is a direct pay service ONLY. We
           do not bill insurance companies or accept workman’s compensation claims or
           other forms of insurance. However, if your health insurance does cover
           acupuncture, we will be happy to provide you with a receipt for reimbursement
           from your company.
     ·     Chinese Herbal Prescriptions must be paid for in full when picking up herbs.
           This cost is separate from your appointment fee. Chinese Herbal Prescriptions
           and Patents are non-refundable.
     ·     As Chinese raw and powdered herbs are mixed specifically for the patient, the
           patient is responsible for the cost of all prescriptions filled in the patient’s name,
           utilized or not. Prescriptions need to be picked up within two weeks.
           Prescriptions not picked up after two weeks will be charged to the credit card
           associated with the patient account.

Cancelation Policy                                                                  

We take your health seriously and make every effort to provide the very best healthcare.  To ensure that we can continue to see all our patients within a reasonable time period, Family Acupuncture and Herbals has the following cancellation policy for all providers

     ·     24-hour notice is required to cancel an appointment.
     ·     Individuals who do not call to notify the clinic within the required 24 hours will
           be responsible for the full appointment fee. The fee will be charged to the
           patient's account.
     ·     It is important to keep in mind that insurance companies do NOT pay for missed
           appointments. In this case, it is the patient’s sole responsibility to pay for
           missed/cancelled appointments under these guidelines.

Late Policy                                                                                          

Family Acupuncture and Herbals prides itself in keeping our patients wait to a minimum.  In order to accomplish this, it is essential that you are on time for your appointments.  Should you be running late, please call the office so we can try to accommodate you.

     ·     The current clinic policy for late patients is 15 minutes. The decision to
           accommodate a patient who is less than 15 minutes late is at the discretion of the
           practitioner. If a patient is late and treated, the appointment will be shortened
           and end according to the original start time of the appointment, or according to
           an agreement between the practitioner and the patient.
     ·     Late patients will be charged the full fee regardless of the length of the visit.

Request for Medical Records                                      

Our office follows HIPAA regulations for processing medical records release at all times.  A signature form is required to process any/all request for the release of records.  Records being forwarded to a medical facility for concurrent medical care are not assessed a fee.  Personal request for copies of medical records are assessed a fee of $0.25 per page or $30.00 for a complete chart.  Records will be sent by USPS priority mail to the home address on record, unless otherwise requested, and postage fees are applied.  Patient is responsible for total fees prior to processing records.  Records are processed weekly, however additional time may be required if the records are archived or abnormally large.  Policies and procedures may be altered at any time and will be posted within the office as notification.

 If you fail to adhere to these requirements, we reserve the right to deny any requests for future appointments until outstanding balances with your account have been paid.

Our office hours:

         Monday 10 am– 5:30pm
          Tuesday 9 am – 5:30pm
          Wednesday 9am – 6:30pm
          Thursday 11am – 7:30pm
          Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
          Saturday Closed
                    (open by appointment only)
          Sunday Closed


Family Acupuncture and Herbals
25 Centre Street
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Clinic Policies - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA