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If you've always been curious about the benefits of acupuncture, here's your chance to learn  more! Learn about integrative medicine options. Ask your burning questions. Tour our clinic.  Hope to see you there!  Click Here To Find Out More about this and other events!



Acupuncture Happy Hour

An acupuncture happy hour session is a unique treatment whose purpose is to simply calm and re-balance.Come in for a new kind of happy hour, 20 minutes for $20, and leave feeling relaxed and recharged!  To Learn reserve your spot at our happy hour or see our other events, click here!


Acu-Happy Party!

Can’t make it to our regularly scheduled sessions? Get your friends together and have an Acu-Happy Party! With a minimum of seven people you can schedule a private party.  Click Here To Learn More and schedule your partyor see our other events!


 Wellness Wednesdays!

Our FREE monthly workshop series features health care practitioners from around Southeastern Massachusetts covering health topics that are important to you and your family.  To see our schedule and learn more about our speakers, click here!  Also check out our other events.


Lunch and Learn

Bring acupuncture and Chinese medicine to your workplace!  This group session requires no intake, diagnostic exam or disrobing so bring a friend! Being in a group creates a synergistic effect felt by everyone.  To arrange a Lunch and Learn at your workplace or see out other events, click here!


Informational Events

We are available for health fairs, wellness days, acupuncture and herbal demonstrations, informative displays, herbal cooking classes, lectures, and panels.  See how we can be involved in your event or how you can attend one of ours!

Acupuncture Body Treatments



Events and Resources - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA

Our office hours:

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          Wednesday 9am – 6:30pm
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          Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
          Saturday Closed
                    (open by appointment only)
          Sunday Closed


Family Acupuncture and Herbals
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Middleboro, MA  02346
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Events and Resources - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA