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Fees and Treatments

Payment is always due at the time of service. We accept cash and check.  Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept credit.

     Acupuncture Initial Visit                                          $110 (90 minutes)
     Acupuncture Follow-Up Visit                                  $70 (60 minutes)

     Herbal Initial Visit                                                     $75 (plus the cost of the herbal                                                                                                       prescription)

     Emergency / Home Visit                                          $110 (90 minutes)

     Facial Rejuvenation / Initial Visit                            $250 (90 minutes)
     Facial Rejuvenation / Follow-Up Visit                    $130 (60 minutes)

     Facial Herbs and Essential Oil Treatments           $75 (plus the cost of the herbs)

     5 Acupuncture Treatments                              $340
          The perfect gift for any acupuncture enthusiast. Save over 5%!

     10 Acupuncture Treatments                            $630
          Save 10% on 10 acupuncture treatments

Family Acupuncture and Herbals is pleased to announce our new Veteran’s Discount. If you are a veteran, please accept a 30% discount as our way of saying thank you for your service.  Please inquire at the desk at your next appointment to receive this discount.

Share the Love of the Season!

Valentine’s Day: A Matter of the Heart (and Kidneys)

Fees and Treatments - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA

Happy Valentine’s!

It's a celebration of the Heart — whose health depends on strong Kidneys.  In Chinese Medicine, the Heart and Kidneys are the polarized opposites of Fire and Water and need to be balanced.  When stress, overwork, or anxiety affect us, this balance is upset, and diseases begins to set in.  Here at Family Acupuncture and Herbals, we want to make sure that your Heart and Kidneys, (Fire and Water) are in a state of harmony, because they are the foundation of our lives, health and well-being.  Be inspired to show the love in your heart and book a session for yourself and get the second treatment 40 percent off and give it to your Valentine!*

Your thoughfulness has never been sweeter when you give a session at Family Acupuncture and Herbals.

*Sessions must be used before May 1, 2013.

Our office hours:

         Monday 10 am– 5:30pm
          Tuesday 9 am – 5:30pm
          Wednesday 9am – 6:30pm
          Thursday 11am – 7:30pm
          Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
          Saturday Closed
                    (open by appointment only)
          Sunday Closed


Family Acupuncture and Herbals
25 Centre Street
Middleboro, MA  02346
(508) 344-6655


Fees and Treatments - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA