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Meet Your Practitioners

Michelle M Hamilton   Lic.Ac. M.A.OM.
Licensed Acupuncturist/ Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Michelle Has been a practicing acupuncturist for the past ten years.   She brings to her practice a unique flavor with experience in Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture and Western Herbal Medicine.  She produces many custom herbal products everything from facial, body and pain management.  She treats many complicated patterns with success. 

Michelle's areas of interest and specialties include:

     ·     Stress Management
     ·     Pediatric Acupuncture/herbal medicine
     ·     Immune System Difficulties: Arthritic Conditions, Immune-Suppression 
     .     Veterans and military related concerns
     ·     Neurological Diseases: Parkinson's Disease, Bell’s Palsy,                               

Michelle has advanced acupuncture training scalp acupuncture treatments that help patients with stroke and TBI.  She has  10 years of additional training in Facial Rejuvination Acupuncture

"By embracing economical, practical and gentle treatments, my approach to patient care is both straightforward and compassionate.  I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your health care goals."

To make an appointment, call
(508) 344-6655

Our office hours:

         Monday 10 am– 5:30pm
          Tuesday 9 am – 5:30pm
          Wednesday 9am – 6:30pm
          Thursday 11am – 7:30pm
          Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
          Saturday Closed
                    (open by appointment only)
          Sunday Closed


Family Acupuncture and Herbals
25 Centre Street
Middleboro, MA  02346
(508) 344-6655


Meet Your Practitioners - Family Acupuncture and Herbals in Middleboro, MA